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  We group here articles and stories wrotten before and after Peris' death. Articles published for exhibitions organized when he was alived, to present his work, describe his singular world and underlign the originality of his approch of colous for example. Articles which tribute both to men and the artist. Thoses texts are not all available now in the four languages, but at heart we offer you a translation soon. We are looking for translators and proofreaders!   

Peintures et dessins
de Péris Iérémiadis

22 novembre – 11 décembre 1993

Presently being translated
(Traduit du grec
par Jean-Marc Laborie)


 "Zoographies kai schedia
de Péris Iérémiadis"

Indiktos, Athènes,

Presently being translated


Boats (Peris Ieremiadis)
Exhibition from march 1995
French institut of Athens,
Pirea appendix -
by Marcel Durand, former director.

Presently being translated



Μνήμη Γιούλης Δ.
Βασίλης Διοσκουρίδης

για την πρόσκληση
στην έκθεση με θέμα τα λουλούδια,

Presently being translated


A note about the work of Peris Ieremiadis.
N. Panayiotopoulos, Philopappou
april 2004.
(from the 19th april to the 1st may 2004)
at the Astra gallery in Athens.

Available in English




Ex-voto et tatouages
Nikos Ksydakis,
Journal Kathimerini,
Athènes, dimanche 28 avril 2004

Presently being translated
Note about
Péris Ieremiadis painting

By Ilias Papayannopoulos, 2006.

Available in English
 The wildcat from Petalioi

For Peris.
Nikos Xydakis,
Newspaper Kathimerini, Athens, April 2nd, 2006.

Available in English


Για τον Πέρη Ιερεμιάδη
Stamatis Mavroeidis

avril 2006

Presently being translated

 Manolis Velitzanis
 last copy of the Indiktos magazine

 Presently being translated

In memory of Peris
Peris of Petalioi
Samuel Martin
14 Mai 2007.

Available in English

Péris Iérémiadis is dead.
 Newspaper article from
Ta Néa (The news),
 14th may 2007.

 Presently being translated



Extrait hommage
K. Iérémiadis
14 mai 2007


Available in English


 Péris Iérémiadis,
the nobleman of colours.

Kathimerini 15/5/07.

Available in English
... And the artist
Peris Ieremiadis
 Unknown author for the moment.
 Eleftheropypia  14/5/2007.

Available in English



Article from LIFO.
By Stavros Dioskouridis,

the 12th march 2008.

Presently being translated


The Rider  The Horse   The Dragon
The Saint George Icons of Peris Ieremiadis
A chronicle for our time
Lambros Kampéridis

Domos editions,
Athens, 2010.

Available in Greek
at the Editions Domos
e-mail :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Meeting with a poem
Hélène Bitsakis

Article  from the newspaper Kathimerini
January 28, 2008
  Only available in greek.


«Στο θάνατο
του Πέρη Ιερεμιάδη»

Poem from
Georges Brounia

Only available in greek

Aornos Petra
Ioanna Galanaki

Poem dedicated to Peris
 Publibook Edition
Available in greek


Innovation in the Orthodox Christian Tradition?

The Question of Change in Greek Orthodox Thought and Practice

 octobre 2012

Illustration de la couverture:
deux saint-Georges de Péris
Available in English



The Rider The Steed The Dragon
The Saint-Georges icons of Péris Iérémiadis
Lambros Kampéridis

traduit du grec en anglais :
John Raffan

Available in English and in greek

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