of the Péris Iérémiadis Association
Let's know us The Association’s main goals
This non-profit-making association has been created by Péris’ relatives, the ones who know him and who have been deeply touched by his works. When he died, everyone expresses the will that his works does not fall into oblivion, although it’s been recognized. Straight after, the wish to organize a retrospective art exhibition and to bring out a book has been set. It’s with this aim that the work of making an inventory of the traces left by the artist himself, has been started and goes on today. The preservation of these traces requires the development of material and human aid. This is why this non-profit-making association was born. Nos parrains :
-Keep alive the memory of the artist’s works, thanks to the inventory and the preservation of the works’ traces. -Promoting his works by creating an offical website, by the research and the translation of writings about the artist’s life and works, by organizing exhibitions and publishing books. How to find us ? The head office is situated in France because some parts of Péris Iérémiadis descendants are French and live in France. Indeed, Péris, when he was young, had lived and studied in France, and then he had kept going to France for these family reasons. However, the association brings together as much as French and Greek sympathizers. That’s why the official website is translated in different languages: french, greek and german, and soon in English. Péris had lived in Greece, France and Germany.
The website is still being created. Thank you for your understanding. This association falls under the French law of 1901, the so-called « Loi des associations 1901 », and this is a non-profit-making association. ADRESSE DU SIEGE SOCIAL DEPUIS JUILLET 2014: 115 Grand Rue 38650 Monestier de Clermont Isère, France
Clio Makris Mosaïste et sculptrice Honorary member of the association Vassiliki Papageorgiou Poétesse lyrique et interprète Honorary member of the association
Dimitris Nollas Writer Honorary member of the association Αgni Pikionis Architecte Honorary member of the association
To subscribe to this association To pull together this network of friends and Péris admirers, it’s important that everybody join their forces and show their will to subscribe to this association in order to fulfill these goals. (cf. entry form).
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Toute représentation ou reproduction intégrale ou partielle faite sans le consentement de l'auteur ou de ses ayants droit ou ayants cause est illicite.
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