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 "Still" life  "Découper à vif dans la couleur (...)". Matisse (Ecrits et propos sur l'art)
Thoses still life made with pigments, where fishes, lemons and grappes are mainly represented, beyond their shape and symbolism, sublimate the frugal way of living of which Péris was attached. Except the sunday lamb for his friends or the easter cocoretsi, his meals was simple. It consists on rice, salads, yoghurts, olives (called « the antiques black »), olive oil, cheese, bread or rustic melba toasts, fruits (he was found of the Sultan's grappes, whithout pips). On the Pétalioi island, early in the morning, he runned the slope to meet the fishermen and buy some daily fish, toast it on a coat of embers and flavour it whith some of the surround thyme. For him, the whealth of a meal came of the quality and the simplicity of the ingredients. And that was for him the real « aristocracy »! He had any kind of theory about the Art of entertaining and some preferences : a white tablecloth, simple, beautiful flatware ; he gladly analysed and compared the several way of eating, for example the occidental tradition which prefers a succession of meals or the oriental tradition which juxtapose the meals. He was a gourmet and appreciated the culinary talents while he was affraid of excess. He was really sensitiv to the dishes' aspect especially those which allowed to distinguish the ingredients.
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